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Hydrorevolution Cardio Burn Workout

$9.95 $4.95 Sale

Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Bells
  • Aqualogix or Aquastrength Fins

Exercises Include:

  • Side Lunge
  • Flies with Squats
  • Power Swings
  • Archers
  • Boxing Jabs
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Many more…

        Hydrorevolution Cardio Burn Workout:

        The Hydrorevolution Cardio Burn workout has been designed to help you lose weight, while improving your overall mobility and fitness levels. This program is broken down into the following four sections.

        • Dynamic flexibility warm up
        • Compound movements of upper body and lower body to help build strength and endurance
        • High intensity exercises to boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories
        • Dynamic cool down

        To complete this workout you will need a set of Bells and Fins from Aquastrength OR Aqualogix.

        Please note this program is a digital download and will be made available as a PDF file that can be printed upon completion of purchase.

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        Your New Aquatic Fitness Routine!

        Built To Last

        Designed to support maximum resistance and torque levels with any aquatic based workouts and exercise routines.

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        Progress Your Training From Land To Water

        Take your training to new heights by adding in aquatic workouts and exercises as additional ways to reach your fitness goals. Hit new muscle groups and build a well rounded training routine on land and in water!

        Low Impact Meets High Resistance

        High intensity training in an aquatic setting is a unique experience that promotes longevity and health with the low impact nature that is water. Recovering from an injury, or looking to prolong your fitness routine, aquatic training is the answer to supporting cardiovascular training with low impact on muscles and joints.

        Strap Up & Get To It!

        What are you waiting for. Join 1,000s of atheltes that are taking their training to the next level, workoing out at home, at the local swimming pool or even the ocean.

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