What is the Aquatic Racket Trainer?

The new Aquatic Training Racket by Hydrorevolution was developed with Sports Performance Training in mind. Adapted from the popular Swing Trainer, the shorter handle makes it a must-have for Tennis, Pickleball, Racquetball and Squash players. It can be used to perform a multitude of exercises that will help improve mobility, range of motion and the overall strength and power behind your swing! The Racket Trainer is also a great tool for rehab and prehab.

The Aquatic Racket Trainer is extremely versatile and in addition to being great for Sports Specific training, it is also ideal for performing ‘Kettlebell’ type movements along with many other upper body and core focused workouts.

The Racket Trainer comes complete with 3 different fin sizes that attach to the head of the racket, making it easy to adjust the level of resistance to suit fitness level or training goal. Users can further customize the level of difficulty when performing a movement by simply adjusting their grip up or down the handle.

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Customize the Resistance

The Aquatic Racket Trainer includes 3 complete sets of fins that can be swapped out to change the level of resistance from high speed, to all purpose to maximum resistance.

Comfortable 8″ Grip

The Racket’s handle features a comfortable 8-inch grip that helps prevents slipping. Users can move their hands further down the handle to make exercises more challenging.

Improve your Swing

The Aquatic Racket Trainer is perfect for Tennis, Pickleball and Racquetball players looking to improve range of motion and add more strength and power to their swing.

Workout with a Friend

Customers can choose to add a second handle to their order allowing them to workout with a partner at different resistance levels! A longer handle, ideal for golf, baseball & hockey is also available!

Meet the New Aquatic Racket Trainer

Changing the Straps on your Racket Trainer

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What is the difference between the Aquatic Racket Trainer and Swing Trainer?

The only difference between the Aquatic Racket Trainer and Swing Trainer is the length of the handle. The Racket Trainer has a shorter handle, making it ideal for sports specific training in Tennis, Pickleball, Raquetball and Squash. The compact design of the Racket Trainer also makes it ideal for use in smaller, shallower pools. Those wanting to train for sports such as golf, baseball, softball or hockey will likely prefer training with the Swing Trainer given it’s longer handle.

How many fins does the Aquatic Racket Trainer come with?

The Aquatic Racket Trainer includes 3 hybrid fin straps, each providing a different level of resistance. You will receive High Speed (green), All Purpose (Smoke) and Maximum Resistance (Blue).  These can be easily changed at any time to customize your workout to suit your fitness level and training goal.