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5 Reasons Why We Love the New All-Purpose Hybrid Fins by Aqualogix
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5 Reasons Why We Love the New All-Purpose Hybrid Fins by Aqualogix

When searching for new fitness equipment there are a few boxes most people want to try and tick.

  • Is it effective?
  • Is it versatile?
  • Will it last?
  • Is it portable?
  • Is it affordable?
Fortunately, the new All-Purpose Hybrid Fins by Aqualogix meet all the criteria at a fraction of the cost of other training tools.


Just like the other fins in their range, the Aqualogix All-Purpose Hybrid Fins are an extremely effective method of training. The new 5″ Fin size offers the perfect balance of speed and resistance and will have you reaching your goals in no time.


Not only are the All-Purpose Fins effective but they are very versatile! They are a popular choice for anything from sports performance and general fitness through to rehab and recovery. They have been designed to cater to all ages and abilities. The new and improved design ensures a snug and secure fit for those with very large or very small ankles, meaning they can be used by the entire family without having to make any adjustments.


The All-Purpose Fins can also be attached to your forearm or wrist for an upper body workout! They are a great alternative to upper body bells for those that suffer from arthritis or have grip limitations. This versatility also makes them a great option for traveling as  you can take one piece of equipment for a total body workout!

Extended Life:

Like most products, the All-Purpose Fins will show signs of wear and tear over time with consistent use and exposure to various pool chemicals, temperatures etc . However, what’s great about the new Hybrid Fins is that when the neoprene pad and velcro straps start to wear out you can simply order a Fin maintenance kit and replace them, bringing your fins back to their original state without having to replace the entire set, a win-win for you and the environment!


Generally speaking, most fitness equipment is designed to stay in one place. Your traditional dumbbells and kettlebells might be small, but they are hardly something you can throw in your suitcase and take on holiday in an effort to stick to your training regime. The All-Purpose Fins are however an exception to this rule. They are small, lightweight and the perfect piece of equipment to take on holiday where most hotels and apartments have a pool calling your name.

Their portability makes them a must have piece of equipment. People tend to think they are only designed for people that have their own pool but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You do not need a gym membership to train in the water! Simply take them to your friends pool, local health club, beach, lake etc.


At just $64.95 per pair, you will struggle to find another piece of equipment that can provide a Total Body Workout, is easy to travel with and can be used by all ages and fitness levels. It is very rare to have one piece of equipment that can be used for all levels of training, from rehabilitation through to elite fitness.

Note: If you are someone that is looking for less resistance, the Aqualogix High Speed Fins are a great option that provides all the same benefits (with the exception of having a replaceable velcro strap) at the same cost. Likewise, if you are strictly focused on strength and want maximum resistance the Max Resistance Fins or Aquastrength Fins are great alternatives.

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