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How Aquatic Training can Improve a Golfers Performance
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How Aquatic Training can Improve a Golfers Performance

Competitive athletes at all levels are always on the lookout for ways to remain fit and injury free! This is why many professional sporting teams and athletes are utilizing aquatic training to not only recover from injuries but to prevent injuries whilst training to stay on top of their game. 

Golf is also a unique sport that requires the body to do a great deal twisting/rotating. For that, one needs to be strong and have a great range of motion in the golfing muscles. It is a common for golfers to have poor rotational abilities due to the fact that very few rotational movements naturally occur in daily life.

Poor mechanics, mostly due to improper rotational movements and limited range of motion are the leading causes of golf related injuries, especially for amateurs. Focusing on rotational movements when training can go a long way in improving your golf swing and overall performance. When rotation is performed well and the correct muscles are activated, there will be a significant increase in swing speed and driving distance.

Being able to properly rotate and perform golf specific exercises during training can be the difference between an average golfer vs an excellent golfer playing to their full potential.

Relaxed and loose muscles are known as quick and fast muscles and are crucial in executing a successful golf swing. This is what is derived by working out in the water and not placing undue stress on your joints. Weight training can lead to tight muscles, slower movements and delayed onset muscle soreness. Not only could this result in a reduction in range of motion by up to 50% but it could affect the timing of a golf swing.

Aquatic exercises can help reduce tightness and improve range of motion. This can go a long way in improving your swing and overall performance as a golfer. Additionally, golfers will experience some of the many other benefits that come from working out in the water such as;

Hydrostatic Pressure:

Hydrostatic Pressure is the pressure that is generated by the weight of a liquid. In this case, it compresses the skin, muscles and joints when doing an Aquatic workout. Because water is denser than air, it exerts more pressure when one is surrounded by it. The deeper one goes in the water, the stronger the hydrostatic pressure. As a result of this pressure, one will have to work harder to fight the resistance of the water. This pressure also acts like a compression bandage for the entire body, helping to relieve chronic muscles aches.

Dulls muscle pain:

The body’s nervous system has a network of nerve endings that can respond to the slightest stimulus. Under a constant stimulus, such as pressure from the water that the body is not used to, the nervous system automatically dulls down the part of the brain dealing with these senses. This helps dull and lessen muscle pain, making it easier to stretch to
a fuller range of motion and do more exercise without fatigue setting in.


One of the greatest benefits of the Hydrorevolution Golf Workout is the constant resistance that is provided. No large weights are required as the body is forced to exert more energy than it is used to. This helps tone muscles faster because more muscle fibers are being used. The presence of water helps reduce any pain and results in the body having a higher level of tolerance.

Building muscle Memory:

The resistance of water forces one to move slower throughout the period of exercise. These slower movements allow the brain to process the signals from the muscles more thoroughly which is ideal for building muscle memory. Also, due to the resistance of the water and slower tempo, one is more capable of taking muscles through to a full range of motion.

Muscle Relaxation:

Muscle soreness from a hard gym or land-based workout is caused by lactic acid buildup. This can be a demotivating factor. In golf, this soreness can make one lose the feeling of their golf swing. Therefore another big benefit of Aquatic training is that the golf muscles remain relaxed which is a prerequisite for feeling in control of one’s golf swing.


Water flows in currents when moving through it and the gentle flow of water around the body can act as a natural form of massage helping to promote circulation and preventing sore, stiff and tight muscles.

Boost your Immune System:

Over the years many health benefits of exercise have been documented. However, what many people often don’t know is that exercise can improve the Immune System. A study found “that even a brisk 30 minute walk can increase T cells in the immune system and also boost the function of the natural killer cell, together with other immune system warriors,” as per the NCBI
(National Center for Biotech Information).


Another important benefit of Aquatic workouts is that they are fun! They promote a positive and relaxed environment to train in to achieve a more powerful golf swing and ultimately hit the golf ball further.

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