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Aquatic Resistance Training: Going from Strength to Strength
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Aquatic Resistance Training: Going from Strength to Strength

There is no doubt that Aquatic exercise is changing, and fast becoming a first option and not a last resort for people around the world. With fitness giants such as Speedo getting on board to help to spread the word, people are realizing that the pool can be used for more than just swimming and dancing around with a noodle! Something that many are still unaware of however, is just how effective waters resistance can be when it comes to building strength and power.

Aquatic researched compiled by June M. Chewning shows that in the 1980’s and early 1990’s it was thought that whilst training in the water could help you build muscular endurance, you couldn’t really build strength effectively in the water. Fast forward to today, and research has demonstrated that with the right equipment, program and pace, significant strength can be built using aquatic resistance training.

You only need to try walking or running in the water to feel how much more challenging it is than walking / running on land. The same thing applies for many other exercise variations. Because the water provides resistance in all planes of motion and all directions, performing movements such as the push/pull, or the push down are extremely efficient as you are working your muscles in both directions of the movement, where as on land you would need to perform multiple exercises to get that same benefit. Add aquatic resistance equipment to the equation and the challenge becomes even greater.

What makes strength training in the water even better? When you are working out in the pool, there is no need for fancy weight machines or different weighted dumbbells or barbells. Because drag resistance equipment is based on the principals of drag and viscosity, the faster the movement, the more resistance you will get. Essentially this means the user can control the level at which they work, making the same piece of equipment suitable for all ages and abilities. As strength levels improve, the user simply needs to push harder to take things up a level, no need to buy more equipment or increase the load. This also makes it very easy for personal trainers and group fitness instructors to run a strength based class in the water that caters for a wide audience!

Hydrorevolution is on a mission to bring functional training to the water and help improve the health and fitness of individuals of all ages and abilities. Their team of trainers and master trainers is rapidly growing across the globe as they work closely with gyms and health clubs to roll out Aquatic personal training programs and Hydrorevolution Group fitness classes designed to change the way people workout in the water! Their complete range of equipment and programs can also be purchased online.

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