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The Hybrid Fin Every Swimmer Needs
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The Hybrid Fin Every Swimmer Needs

Last week, leaders in Aquatic Fitness, Hydrorevolution, launched a new range of Swim bundles designed to help swimmers improve their overall performance by utilizing the internationally patented Hybrid Fin by Aqualogix to improve kicking strength and speed.

Hydrorevolution worked with Swim Strength Coach, Franco Zuccoli, to develop a Freestyle Flutter Kick program to compliment the Hybrid Fin and provide customers with a workout that would not only help better a swimmers performance, but also allow for any individual to learn how to freestyle flutter kick properly so they can reap the health and fitness benefits, regardless of age or ability. Franco believes “If someone can learn to swim properly, hands down, it is the single best sport and fitness activity for the brain and the body.

The Hybrid Fin is like nothing else on the market. They instantly increase resistance during training to improve overall kicking strength. After removing the Fins, swimmers experience an instant increase in power and kick speed, helping them outperform themselves and reduce their overall lap-time.

Elite level swimmer Alex Kostich says “the Hybrid Fins are a unique and exciting new component to my training. They offer increased resistance on the up-kick and down-kick while allowing me to maintain balance and ideal body position in the water. This strength training allows me to employ explosive kicks in competition, either at the very end of my swims or as a way of pulling ahead from drafting competitors.”
With 3 different resistance levels available and a completely customizable program, the system is suitable for swimmers of all levels. From beginners who swim for general fitness, through to competitive and open water swimmers as well as triathletes.
“Not only have I seen a vast improvement using the Hybrid Fins with my swimmers, but I have also noticed a big difference in my own training, using them for my english channel and other marathon swims” said US Masters Swim Coach, Craig Lewin.
The Hybrid Fins are expected to become a must have in swim bags across the world. Orders can be placed at


About: Hydrorevolution are leaders in Aquatic Fitness. They offer the largest range of drag resistance equipment developed by leading brands Aqualogix and Aquastrength. They are changing the way people workout in the water by offering a wide range of downloadable training programs that can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels for anything from rehab right through to HIIT and sports performance.

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