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Georges St-Pierre’s Training Secret Revealed: The Aquatic Training System that Changed My Life

Georges St-Pierre’s Training Secret Revealed: The Aquatic Training System that Changed My Life

Today GEORGES ST-PIERRE shared one of his training secrets that helps keep him in “the best shape of his life” and announced a new collaboration with Aquatics company HYDROREVOLUTION.

Since his ACL injury in 2011, Georges has been taking his workout to the water with the help of drag resistance training equipment from AQUALOGIX and AQUASTRENGTH. Not only did this form of training help him recover quickly and efficiently from his injury, but fast forward 7 years and Georges continues to incorporate aquatic training as a regular part of his regime to improve his power. GSP claims “at 37, he feels better than ever before!”

Georges passion for drag resistance training prompted him to team up with HYDROREVOLUTION to develop an exclusive GSP training program utilizing AQUALOGIX and

AQUASTRENGTH equipment that he believes fitness enthusiasts of all levels can benefit from.

Georges states that “the greatest things about the equipment is that it allows you to make your own resistance, it doesn’t load joints, allows you to target specific muscles and the chance of injury is extremely low.” He believes this training system is one of the best kept secrets and should be adopted not just by fellow MMA fighters and professional athletes, but by people of all ages and fitness levels.

When speaking to JOE ROGAN in May 2018 GSP explained how he does not believe in traditional Strength and Conditioning training and does not lift weights but instead does his weight training in the pool using drag resistance equipment that works his muscles in both directions, resulting in an efficient and effective workout. Georges stated drag resistance training has changed his life and went on to explain how it is outstanding for power and longevity.

Georges has released his new HYDROREVOLUTION training program and equipment packages, giving his fans and followers the opportunity to get their hands on his new program and train using his exact workout.

Orders can be placed at Stock is limited, so act today and start reaping the benefits of aquatic drag resistance training.

Georges live launch of HYDROREVOLUTION will be held on September 6, 2018 in his hometown of Montreal at the Midtown Athletic Club.


About: HYDROREVOLUTION is a training hub for Aquatic resistance equipment brands AQUALOGIX and AQUASTRENGTH. They are changing the way people workout in the water by offering a wide range of downloadable training programs that can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels for anything from rehab right through to HIIT and sports performance.

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