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Take Your Workout to the Water With This Free Hydrorevolution Program
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Take Your Workout to the Water With This Free Hydrorevolution Program

As the Coronavirus pandemic intensifies and many countries continue to enforce lockdowns, people are finding themselves in search of different workouts they can complete at home in an effort to stay fit and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Exercise is not only great for keeping you in great shape both physically and mentally, but it has been proven to help boost your immunity too which we could all use at the moment!

With summer on it’s way and over 10 million private pools in the USA alone, we want to encourage people to put their pools to good use and take their workout to the water!

USMS reached out to Robert Lavin, a Professor of Medicine at the University of Tennessee’s College of Nursing, for guidance on how to safely navigate these unchartered waters. Lavin stated that it is currently not believed that the virus is transmitted in the water. Lavin also said that the average amount of Chlorine in pools is going to kill the virus so if your pool is properly maintained, the disinfecting chemicals in the water should be enough to render the virus inactive.

Of course people should still follow the guidance and recommendations from the WHO before and after they enter the pool/spa to reduce the risk of catching the virus, but what better way to stay sane (and fit) during lockdown than with a refreshing workout in your own pool!

To help you get started we have made our Total Body Workout FREE for everyone. The exercises found in this program are suitable for all ages and fitness levels so why not create some friendly competition within your bubble (remember social distancing rules) and give it a go.

We have a few tips and tricks to adjust the workout to suit different levels and make it work for everyone!

Too hard?

The beauty about Aquastrength and Aqualogix equipment is that you control the level of resistance. If you are finding an exercise too difficult, simply slow down the tempo to reduce the intensity and amount of drag.

Remember to start slow and build up gradually. If you are new to this, consider reducing the time / reps for each movement. Take note of what you are doing so you can see your performance improve over time!

Too Easy?

As mentioned above, you are in total control and have the power to adjust the workout to suit! No need to stop and add more weight like you would to a traditional barbell, simply push harder and faster or increase the number of sets / reps for each movement.

Try a circuit

If you have more people than you do equipment, simply turn the workout into a circuit! Have one person focus on lower body while the other person focuses on upper body and then swap over.

Having one person walk / run laps of the pool while the other person completes their set is another great way to turn this into a team workout and benefit from some additional cardio while your at it!

Set a new record!

Keep things interesting and see who can complete the most reps in a given time frame or who can keep going the longest without stopping! This makes for great motivation to push a little harder next time and try and take the title and all the glory!

Once again, please remember the rules around social distancing. During lock down you should only be working out with other people living in your household.

For more exercises and workout ideas, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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