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How to Improve Your Knee Health: A Better Way
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How to Improve Your Knee Health: A Better Way

More and more people with joint issues, especially the knee, are looking for alternatives to traditional rehab and exercise.

Dealing with an injury or limitation of any kind is frustrating, and clients that aren’t seeing results after months of focusing on traditional training modalities such as Physical Therapy and land-based training often ask if there is a solution that is better, safer, more fun, and more effective? The answer is YES! All you need is access to a pool or body of water that comes up to your waistline.

The solution is aquatic training, taken to a higher level with the help of drag resistance equipment and a progressive program. The equipment developed by Aqualogix and Aquastrength has been designed to strengthen, shape, and improve your lower body health, and the specialized program has been created to help clients get the most out of that equipment and fast-track their recovery.

The knee recovery program is based upon thousands of hours of research and hands on testing with clients with common knee issues. Here are just a few of reasons that set it apart from traditional training modalities and make it so effective:

1) Less stress: The natural buoyancy of the water keeps your body weight off of your knee pain and allows you to have a safer experience. Think of this as a more interesting alternative to a physical therapist laying you on a table to keep your body weight off of your bad leg.

2) More strength training: The water is a natural resistance against your body. It is the safest resistance you can challenge your body with, especially when you are in a lot of pain or recovering from surgery.

3) More flexibility: The water will allow you to move through greater ranges of motion which will enhance your muscle’s ability to stretch. This is called active flexibility and it promotes greater blood flow and will help heal your injury faster. Traditional physical therapy uses static flexibility which is when you just hold your leg in a certain stretch for 30 seconds.

4) Total body workout: Using the Aqualogix and Aquastrength equipment and Aquatic Performance Training knee rehab program in the pool will be strengthening not only your knee, but your hips, glutes, calves, and core! Traditional therapy will concentrate only on the injured knee, but we know that strengthening your entire body will deliver greater results.

5) Progressive equipment and program: In traditional therapy you are usually stuck doing the same exercises from start to finish and when you are “cleared” from rehab you are left wondering what the next step is. Hydrorevolution’s range of equipment is designed to challenge you in a variety of ways with resistance levels, speed, and power. As you begin your rehab journey the equipment you can move at a slower tempo to generate lighter resistance, then as you gain confidence and your muscles get stronger, you can simply push a little harder / faster to increase resistance. The knee program compliments the equipment and offers progressions to ensure you are always being challenged and constantly improving.

To learn more about the equipment and program click here.

Welcome to a better way of living!

John Dohanic M.S. Rehabilitation Science
Aquatic Performance Training
IG: @johndoeshealth
IG: @aquaticperformancetraining

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