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How to strengthen your core with Hydrorevolution
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How to strengthen your core with Hydrorevolution

A goal that many of our customers share is wanting to strengthen and tone their core. Usually this is not so much about sporting a six-pack as it is to improve their overall health. All movements stem from the core so it is not only beneficial when it comes to working out and playing sports, but it can help improve posture, combat lower back pain and enhance general wellbeing.

Whilst most aquatic exercises will challenge your core to some degree as your body fights the resistance of water to stay upright, we wanted to take a minute to review how the Hydrorevolution range of equipment can be used to work those abdominals!

1. The Aquastrength Barbell:

The Aquastrength barbell is great for upper body workouts but is also a great tool for working your core as demonstrated below by MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre. The barbell can be used to perform a wide range of movements that focus on core strength and rotary stability. Users can control the level of difficulty simply by adjusting their grip on the bar, the wider the grip the easier the movement becomes.

2. Aquastrength Dumbbells:

The Aquastrength Dumbbells are half the size of the Aquastrength Barbell and can be used either vertically or horizontally to provide an exceptional core workout. They can be used as a pair, or individually for asymmetrical training / core strengthening. You can see in this video by Aquaxfit that even when performing these flies, the core is engaged and working hard throughout the entire movement!

3. Aqualogix OR Aquastrength Bells:

The Aquastrength or Aqualogix Bells can also be used for core specific exercises. One of our favourite movements is the oblique twist using a single bell as demonstrated in the below clip.

4. Aqualogix OR Aquastrength Fins:

Last but definitely not least, the lower body fins will be sure to challenge your core, especially when performing exercises where you sit on the side of the pool, lean back and simply kick or perform figure of 8’s as Georges St-Pierre demonstrates below.



All Hydrorevolution equipment is extremely versatile and can be used to perform a multitude of exercises that focus on multiple muscle groups. For more exercise ideas checkout our growing range of workout programs or follow us on Instagram. Don’t forget to download your copy of the Hydrorevolution Total Body and Barbell 360 workout absolutely FREE!

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