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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Pool
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Pool

The pandemic has resulted in more and more people taking their workout to the water. Introducing drag resistance equipment to the equation helps attract a new demographic to aquatic training and offers a wide range of training applications and exercise variations to keep workouts exciting and help users avoid hitting a plateau.

Equipment for All Ages & Abilities

One of the biggest benefits of drag resistance training is that it puts the user in control. The harder they push, the harder the workout. Hydrorevolution has grown this product category substantially over the past four years, and there is certainly no shortage of equipment options, regardless of the users’ training goal or fitness level. There is something to work every muscle group and take any workout to the next level from upper body bells and barbells to lower body fins. Understanding the equipment and its many applications is key to ensuring clients get the most out of their time in the pool.

Ideal Training Depths

Drag resistance equipment is extremely versatile and can be used in both deep and shallow water. Many of the programs on the market recommend a water depth range from mid-rib cage to mid-chest in depth. This provides reduced impact while still allowing the participant to maintain proper alignment and control of movement. It also offers the ability to sufficiently train all major muscle groups against the water’s resistance.

Newly developed workouts such as the Hydrorevolution Deep Water Running Program also utilize drag resistance equipment to provide both cardiovascular and strength training benefits in deep water. Get creative with modifying exercises to suit the pool you are working in. For example, if it is too shallow for a client to perform a Barbell Push Pull, have them perform the movement on their knees.

Selecting the Right Equipment

The first step to ensuring a safe and beneficial workout is selecting the right equipment based on your training goals and ability. The Hydrorevolution range offers varying sizes and styles of equipment to ensure optimal results for everyone. We find that most clients are best served by the Aqualogix All Purpose or Aquastrength equipment designed to offer the perfect balance of speed and resistance. For more specific training goals such as developing strength and power, users may wish to select the Aqualogix Max Resistance equipment. This would also be a suitable option for someone that works out at a slow tempo and therefore needs the additional resistance. Similarly, those wanting to do a fast-paced workout focused on explosive power and speed would benefit from the Aqualogix High Speed training bells and fins. Likewise, these are often the preferred choice for the deconditioned or those recovering from injury.

Training Applications

Drag resistance equipment can be used for a wide range of training applications. We not only see it used for general fitness and strength and conditioning but also for sports performance, swim training, deep-water running, rehabilitation, and more. Many of the programs utilizing this equipment focus on combining foundational movements with the water’s unique properties to balance muscle groups and movement patterns more efficiently. This ensures a fit and functional body ready to meet the rigors of everyday life. You will find various progressions and regressions for most exercises to cater to all fitness levels. Substituting equipment is another way to easily adapt a workout to suit any given individual. For example, if you have a client unable to hold the upper body bells due to grip limitations or arthritis, they can wrap the lower body fins around their wrist as an alternative way to generate resistance. Setting up circuits is also a great way to keep workouts engaging, cater to multiple clients, and make the most of the available equipment.

Long Lasting and Affordable

When cared for correctly, drag resistance equipment stands the test of time and does not need replacing like many foam products on the market. It is durable and easy to clean, which is more important now than ever before, especially when sharing equipment in facilities. Hydrorevolution is dedicated to helping customers maintain their equipment as cost-effectively as possible. The fins are designed so that customers can simply purchase a replacement pad and strap when the neoprene and Velcro start to wear after a long life and many uses. This is a huge benefit to the customer and the environment.

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