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Turn Your Pool Into a Gym with These 3 Things
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Turn Your Pool Into a Gym with These 3 Things

There is nothing quite like being able to take your workout outside in the summer, and what better place to do it than your pool! We have the only 3 products you need to turn your pool into a gym for your entire family this summer. That’s right, one training system, with endless training options fit for everyone. From the budding young athlete, right through to the Grandparents with limited mobility!

Our range of drag resistance equipment from Aqualogix and Aquastrength can be effectively used for all types of training, in any type of pool. So whether you have access to an olympic sized swimming pool or a swimspa, we have everything you need to get a Total Body Workout without leaving your own backyard!

Regardless of what type of training you want to do, or what your fitness goals might look like, these 3 pieces of equipment are sure to get the job done!

Upper Body Bells:

Our range of upper body bells are not only perfect for helping strengthen and tone your upper body, but great for working the core, rehabilitation and cardio workouts!

You can think of these are you dumbbells for the pool.  Most any movement you would perform in the gym can be replicated utilizing the natural drag resistance of the water. They are also great for:

– Adding more resistance to any aquatic exercise program
– Aqua boxing
– Sport specific movements like tennis, baseball and golf swing patterns
– Performing ‘kettlebell’ type exercises with a single bell

With four different designs to choose from, we have something for all ages and fitness levels. The Aqualogix All Purpose Bells are a great option that the whole family will be able to use and benefit from, as are the Aquastrength bells. However if you have more specific training goals, our High Speed or Max Resistance Bells might be for you. You can read this blog to help you choose the perfect option.

Lower Body Fins:

The lower body fins by Aqualogix and Aquastrength are arguably one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the market. From strengthening and sculpting the lower body to injury recovery and everything in between, these fins can do it all. They can even be used around your wrist to work the upper body for those who might have arthritis or difficulty gripping our bells.

They are a great for:

  • Adding resistance to any aquatic workout
  • Aqua jogging / walking / deep water running
  • Easily targeting specific muscle groups in the lower body
  • Working the glutes and core
  • Rehab and recovery

Even if all you plan to do is walk up and down the pool to catch some rays, wearing a pair of fins will ensure you get the most out of your time in the water.

Aquastrength Barbell:

The final tool that is a must have to turn your pool into a gym is the popular Aquastrength Barbell. This barbell motivates almost everyone to jump in the water and have a go! Excellent for challenging the upper body and core and a great tool for working on dynamic flexibility, balance and rotary stability.

Unlike your traditional barbells which require you to add / remove weight for each individual, this can be used by all ages and abilities. The user controls the level of resistance by how hard they push meaning there is no need to add or remove additional weights between users. If you are a beginner, simply start with a wider grip, or if you are an advanced athlete looking for a challenge you can try opting for a narrow grip.

At a fraction of the cost of your standard home gym, or even a gym membership, it really is a no- brainer! You won’t find a more versatile and efficient workout system, especially one that will help you make the most of your pool, and the sunshine!

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