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Why Personal Trainers Need to Get Their Clients in The Pool
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Why Personal Trainers Need to Get Their Clients in The Pool

Being a Personal Trainer is hard. As well as a Trainer, you are also a health coach, supporter, mentor, educator and the list goes on! There is a lot of competition and you need to offer a point of difference to retain clients and grow your business.

Here are 5 reasons why getting your clients into the water will help you grow your client list as well as your profit.

    1. Cater to New Demographics

      By adding Aquatic Training to the range of services you offer, you are automatically opening yourself up to entirely new demographic you haven’t previously been able to cater to. Aquatic Training is a low impact, efficient form of training and therefore hugely beneficial to clients who might be injured, overweight or elderly and unable to train on land. By working in both the water and on land you can now cover the needs of all demographics, a skill not many trainers have!

    2. Retention

      Ever lost a client to an injury? They put their sessions, or even their membership on hold because an injury is stopping them from training. A frustrating experience for you both! By offering Aquatic Training you will be able to help that client to begin training in the water with you much sooner than they might be able to on land. Meaning you don’t lose a client, the gym doesn’t lose a customer and they don’t lose their results. It’s a win-win-win!

    3. New Challenge

      We all know that clients get bored very easily! It can be hard to constantly think of new and exciting methods of training to keep them enthusiastic and prevent them from hitting a plateau. By adding Aquatic Training to your toolbox you can mix things up and challenge clients in an entirely new way. Your clients will quickly figure out it isn’t anywhere near as easy as it may look and they will be more determined than ever to conquer the challenges you set them.

    4. One system, Endless Training Options

      There are a lot of exercise equipment options out there, all promising to deliver different things, but Personal Trainers don’t  have unlimited means in which to purchase multiple sets of equipment to cater for multiple demographics. The great thing about Drag Resistance Equipment is that it can be used by all ages and fitness levels, for all types of training. The user is in total control of the level at which they workout, the harder they push, the harder the workout will be. This means you only need to invest in one set of equipment  to service clients of all abilities. No need to add / remove weight or change equipment when a new client jumps in the pool!

    5. Aquatics has changed

      Aquatics is no longer about Nana’s and noodles! Professional Athletes and Sports Teams around the world train in the water to enhance their performance and customers around the world are now realising the benefits too. The introduction of Drag Resistance Equipment can have you challenging even the fittest of clients in no time! Aquatic exercise is one of the very few forms of training that can be applied to almost any demographic. It is super efficient, versatile and low impact. Spealizing in Drag Resistance Training will not only put you one step ahead of the competition but help you grow your client list and your income at the same time!

As if you needed more convincing, Hydrorevolution now offer an Online Instructor Course which means you can complete the training anytime, anywhere. And did we mention it is approved by the Industry’s leading organisations?! Successfully complete the course and earn CEC’s with AEA, ACE, NASM, AFAA and ATRI.

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