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Which Barbell is Right for Me?
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Which Barbell is Right for Me?

The Hydrorevolution Barbell range has grown and we are excited to now have 3 options for customers to choose from! Each Barbell brings its own benefits and caters to different fitness levels and training goals. When making your selection, we recommend considering the following points to ensure you choose the right barbell for the job!

Your Training Goal:

The first thing to consider is what you are wanting to achieve. If you are focused on general fitness or weight loss, then one of the Aquastrength Barbells is going to be a great option for you! We will touch on whether the 3ft or 4ft option is best a little further on.

If you are primarily focused on building strength and power and are seeking the option with the most resistance, then the Hydro-Tone Barbell is for you!

How you plan to use the barbell:

The next thing to think about is how you plan on using the barbell.

If you are performing general workouts with both upper body and core or rotational movements, one of the Aquastrength Barbells is going to be your best option. If you like to perform exercises that require a wider grip on the bar, or you’re taller and plan to do a lot of rowing / kayaking based movements then the 4′ Aquastrength Barbell will work well for you.

If you are purely focused on movements to build upper body strength (push/pull), or performing exercises such as a squat jump, then the new Hydro-Tone Barbell is a great choice!

The Hydro-Tone Barbell is also an excellent option for anyone seeking versatility as it allows you to remove the bells from each end and use them independently for a wide range of upper body movements.

Your height:

The last thing we recommend taking into consideration when selecting your barbell is your height. The Aquastrength Barbell comes in a 3ft or a 4ft variation. We usually recommend the 4ft barbell for anyone over 6′, for everyone else, the 3ft Barbell will do the trick!
If you have any other Barbell related questions, we recommend checking out our FAQs, otherwise feel free to send our team an email
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