NEW Vitor Belfort Aquatic Fitness Bundles & Training Program

Hydrorevolution is proud to partner with Vitor Belfort, a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Legend!

Vitor has been training with Aqualogix and Aquastrength equipment since 2010 to ensure he performs at the highest level, without the risk of injury.

After experiencing the benefits to his performance firsthand, he introduced his family to pool workouts and quickly realized it was not only the perfect way to improve strength and overall fitness for athletes, but for people of all ages and fitness levels. In fact, he often performs the same pool workout with both his father and son!

Vitor believes that working out in the water adds an element of nature to your training that no machine can offer. He was passionate about creating a program so that everyone could reap the rewards that come from training in the water!


From elite level athletes looking to gain muscle without pounding their joints, to senior citizens in need of a safe & efficient way to workout. The Vitor Belfort Fitness bundles cater for everyone!

Vitor has changed the game in aquatic workouts and continues to push himself to the next level every time he jumps in the pool. He loves the efficiency that comes from being able to work both your posterior and anterior muscles at the same time, allowing you to get all the benefits that come from land-based training, and more!


Vitor has created 3 equipment bundles to help people of all levels achieve optimal results. Each piece of drag resistance equipment found in these bundles allow you to create your own resistance, meaning you are always in control of the level at which you workout. The harder you push, the harder the workout is going to be. Wanting an easy recovery day? Simply reduce the tempo for less resistance.

Vitor Belfort’s Workout program (coming soon) is compatible with all 3 of his bundles and can be tailored to everyone. It has been designed to improve overall fitness, strength, power and function. It will give you a Total Body workout like no other! Users can also choose to break it down and focus on the upper body, lower body or core independently.

Be the first to get your hands on these exclusive bundles so you are ready to train when Vitor’s program launching late March. Customers will be emailed access to the printable program and video library so they can train with the best from the comfort of their own pool, beach or lake.

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