Vitor Belfort’s Family Bundle w/ Program



Included Equipment:

  • 2 Sets of Aqualogix Upper Body Bells (Medium & High Resistance)
  • 2 Sets of Aqualogix Lower Body Fins (Medium & High Resistance)
  • 1 Aquastrength Barbell (3' or 4' Option)
  • Vitor Belfort's Aqua-Fit Program

Optional Equipment:

  • 1 Hydrorevolution Swing Trainer (3 Resistance Levels)


Choose Included Barbell
Optional Swing Trainer

Family Fitness evolved with the new Belfort Fitness bundle!

This exclusive new package has been developed with Vitor Belfort to turn any pool into the ultimate gym fit for the whole family! It is the ideal package families looking to increase strength and fitness without putting undue stress on their joints.

This bundle comes complete with everything you need for the whole family to trainer their upper body, lower body and core.

From pre-teens to senior citizens, the equipment and program in this package is suited to all ages and levels. It will challenge even the fittest of athletes, and equally, someone who is just starting their fitness journey. It will change the way your family works out and have you all wishing you had jumped in the pool much sooner!

Vitor has developed a new workout program that will help your family put the equipment to work and crush your goals safely and efficiently!

The Aquastrength Barbells unique design allows the user to perform a multitude of exercises that focus on dynamic flexibility, upper body, core strength, coordination, balance, rotary stability, power, agility and endurance. The Barbell has one Aquastrength Bell permanently attached at each end to provide multi-directional resistance in the water. The 4-foot length of the bar (vs. 3ft on the standard bar) allows for wider grip position and more overhead mobility. You will notice more flex with the increased bar length, which promotes rapid muscle contractions (increasing proportionally with narrower grip and increased effort).

The Fins provide conditioning for your lower body and core through high intensity omni-directional resistance training. While the Bells gives you a near limitless range of exercises for your upper body.

This workout bundle includes our popular Aquastrength Barbell, Aqualogix Hybrid Fins (High and Medium Resistance) & Aqualogix Bells (High and Medium Resistance). Optional Hydrorevolution Swing Trainer. While it does come with a Swing Trainer Quick Start Guide, it is not covered in the Befort Program.

Insider Tip: Many individuals new to this style of workout will be best served starting with the Aquastrength Barbell. It is our most popular barbell. If you have a large amount of muscle mass, are looking for the most resistance or tend to exercise at a slow to moderate tempo only then the HYDRO TONE BARBELL Kit could be a better fit (available with the Athlete Bundle). Remember the faster the tempo the more the resistance builds.

The Barbell HIIT Program incorporates the Aquastrength Barbell and Lower Body Fins. The workout consists of a dynamic flexibility warm up, followed by a strength & stability component which targets your total body before finishing off with a dynamic flexibility cool-down.

The Total Body workout targets your entire body including a dynamic warmup, upper. lower body, core exercises and a cardiovascular endurance component.

The exercises in this program are very challenging and will really work your overall stability, power, playability, strength, power, balance and coordination.

The Aquastrength Barbell is available in pink and blue. Both colors provide same level of resistance. This is a fixed barbell, the bells at each end are not removable for handheld use.

Barbell Assembly (Aquastrength) and Quick Start Guide

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Your New Aquatic Fitness Routine!

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Progress Your Training From Land To Water

Take your training to new heights by adding in aquatic workouts and exercises as additional ways to reach your fitness goals. Hit new muscle groups and build a well rounded training routine on land and in water!

Low Impact Meets High Resistance

High intensity training in an aquatic setting is a unique experience that promotes longevity and health with the low impact nature that is water. Recovering from an injury, or looking to prolong your fitness routine, aquatic training is the answer to supporting cardiovascular training with low impact on muscles and joints.

Strap Up & Get To It!

What are you waiting for. Join 1,000s of atheltes that are taking their training to the next level, workoing out at home, at the local swimming pool or even the ocean.