Introducing Ben Bruno Training Bundles!

Hydrorevolution is proud to partner with Ben Bruno, an LA based Trainer who works with a wide range of clients, including actors and athletes as well as his own Mom!

Ben started using Aquastrength and Aqualogix equipment both personally and with selected clients four years ago and found it to be very useful. He loved that the equipment provided a challenging workout that was easy on the joints.

We were thrilled to work closely with Ben to create Mens and Womens Bundles that reflected the same combinations he found to be most effective with his own male and female clients. These bundles quickly became very popular so we jumped at the opportunity to create another Ben Bruno bundle in time for Summer 2022!

We are excited to now add Ben’s all NEW Surf & Turf bundle that allows customers to reap the benefits of both land-based and aquatic training! This new program walks customers through a land-based series that consists of a number of body-weight exercises and exercises that utilise the new Hydrorevolution Resistance Bands. The workout finishes with a comprehensive Aquatic series that utilises some of Ben’s favourite pieces of equipment!


All Ben Bruno bundles come complete with a digital copy of a workout personally developed by Ben as well as access to an exclusive video library where he demonstrates and explains each exercise in detail. These programs offer a range of progressions / regressions where possible, making his bundles suitable for all ages and fitness levels!

All Ben Bruno Bundles can be easily customized to suit your own personal needs. For example, you will be able to select from a range of bells and fins to ensure you have the right resistance level for your ability and training goals. Customers can also expand their bundle and add-on additional pieces of equipment a special discounted price.

Be sure to follow Ben on Instagram for more training tips and exercise ideas!