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Deep Water Running Training Program


Equipment Used:

  • Aqualogix Hybrid Fins (not included). Coach Price recommends that all users wear the low resistance Hybrid Fin with this program.
  • Need equipment too? Check out the Deep Water Running Bundle

6 Sections to Become a More Efficient and Stonger Runner Include:

Section 1. Deep Water Running (DWR) Technique

Section 2. DWR Dynamic Warm Up

Section 3. DWR Drills

Section 4. DWR Sessions

Section 5. DWR Strength Sessions

Section 6. Warm Down and Static Stretching

Includes access to online library of movements.

Whether you run competitively, for fitness, in a pool, or on land, the Hydrorevolution Deep Water Running Training Program is a must have for runners of all ages and abilities. The Aqualogix Hybrid Fins (sold separately) easily attach to your ankles and help to improve your strength, gait pattern, technique and overall fitness! While this workout can be completed using your choice of Aqualogix Hybrid Fins, Coach Price strongly recommends the Low Resistance Hybrid Fins. Program is provided as a PDF and you will have full access to the DWR Video Library for this program.

Hydrorevolution has partnered with running coach and (185 +) marathon runner Kiri Price to create the New Hydrorevolution Deep Water Running Program. As an avid marathon runner, Kiri wanted to provide running-specific Deep Water Running workouts that provide both cardiovascular and strength training benefits for all runners.



Deep Water Running is the closest cross-training activity to actual land-based running that you can do as a runner. It uses the same muscles through the same range of motion, but without the impact loading of normal running so you can maintain or increase your training volume without increasing the stress on your body.


If you are injured and unable to train as you normally would, you can use Deep Water Running to help maintain your hard-earned aerobic fitness. Be sure to seek prior advice and clearance from your health care provider.  


Deep Water Running helps to optimize recovery from events or hard training sessions and this will help to increase your training capacity, giving you the opportunity to increase your fitness gains. 


Water is denser than air so it provides a natural resistance which will help to strengthen your muscles and joints. You will have resistance on all sides of your body, and your opposing muscles will have to work equally to create symmetry and balance. The resistance can be further intensified by wearing the Aqualogix Hybrid Fins.


Due to the cooler temperature and the pressure of the water on your body, your heart rate will be lower than it is when running on land, which means that you can train at a high level of intensity without the same level of fatigue as on land.


Deep Water Running can help to improve your land running technique. By focusing on your form and how you move in the water, this can then transfer to your land running.

FIN USE: We recommend that all users wear the low resistance Hybrid Fin with this program. Adding too much resistance negatively effects gait pattern.

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