Total Body System – Choose Your Resistance


Included Equipment:

  • 1 Set of Upper Body Bells
  • 1 Set of Lower Body Fins
  • Hydrorevolution - Total Body Workout


Brand/Resistance Level

The perfect gift for fitness lovers!

Total Body System – Combining the bells and fins together will give you a dynamic full body aquatic workout for fitness and conditioning and also a fuller range of motion, stabilization and coordination for injury recovery and rehabilitation. The bells give you a dynamic hi intensity low impact cardiovascular aquatic workout while engaging the upper body, arms and core that strengthens, builds and tones the muscles. The lower body Fins effectively tone, sculpt and strengthen your core muscles, legs and gluteal muscles.

High Resistance Bells or Fins – Provide a dynamic strength and power training water workout. Great for slow to moderate tempo, but resistance at high tempo can be quite challenging.

Medium Resistance Bells or Fins – Perfect for fast tempo aquatic fitness workouts, cardio, core, strengthening and injury recovery training. The All Purpose Fins provide a great balance of good resistance for knee hinge movements and also long lever hip articulation.

Low Resistance Bells or Fins – Allow the user to do fast tempo water workouts moving the arms and legs through the water at rapid speed to ignite the small fast twitch muscles for explosive power and speed. The bells and fins also engage the neuromuscular connection for better balance, coordination, athletic performance and injury recovery.

Aquastrength Bells are similar to the All-Purpose Aqualogix Bells in overall resistance level. The Aquastrength Fins would be closer to the High Resistance Aqualogix Fins. The Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells offer the Maximum amount of resistance in any direction. More detail on the equipment uses can be found here – Choosing the Right Equipment

Mix and match between bell and fin offerings from Aqualogix, Aquastrength and Hydro-Tone for your perfect set.

All Total Body Systems come with the printable Hydrorevolution Total Body Workout Program.

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Your New Aquatic Fitness Routine!

Built To Last

Designed to support maximum resistance and torque levels with any aquatic based workouts and exercise routines.

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Progress Your Training From Land To Water

Take your training to new heights by adding in aquatic workouts and exercises as additional ways to reach your fitness goals. Hit new muscle groups and build a well rounded training routine on land and in water!

Low Impact Meets High Resistance

High intensity training in an aquatic setting is a unique experience that promotes longevity and health with the low impact nature that is water. Recovering from an injury, or looking to prolong your fitness routine, aquatic training is the answer to supporting cardiovascular training with low impact on muscles and joints.

Strap Up & Get To It!

What are you waiting for. Join 1,000s of atheltes that are taking their training to the next level, workoing out at home, at the local swimming pool or even the ocean.